Great post looking at the differences between CPTSD and BPD. Shows just how confusing and difficult an accurate diagnosis can be.

Living with Complex PTSD

These two have similar symptoms, and it can be confusing to both doctors and patients when trying to understand the difference, if there is one.

I was mis-diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) at one point, probably due to my erratic behavior and the desperation of the psychiatrist to label me with something, as my symptoms were all over the place (cause by the psych drugs they had me on). He was always changing my diagnoses, with 4 different ones in less than two years, and each one accompanied by the words “treatment resistant”. By the way, that’s a huge clue that it’s the meds causing the problem so if you see those words on your records, examine your meds.

My daughter had been diagnosed with BPD. She was actually seeing the same psychiatrist as me, and when he gave me the diagnosis, he missed it in her completely…

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